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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Patxi Iturregi Escondrillas

Laudio (Araba), 1952.

He studied to become a merchant seaman at the Nautical School of Portugalete (Bizkaia). For a time he worked as an officer on supertankers and then from 1983 onwards he worked at the Municipal Basque Language School in Laudio. He is currently its director.

The narrative has been the focus of his creative work and within that the short story is his favourite genre. He has won a number of awards: the Donostia City short story award and the Tene Mujika short story award of Deba (Gipuzkoa) among others.

In 1997 his collection of short stories Haize kontra was published (the presence of the sea predominates and becomes the main protagonist) and in 2003 a collection of stories entitled Behi eroak.

He has also done translation work: in 2000 the Hiru publishing house brought out the Spanish version of his first book Con el viento en contra, which he translated himself.



2019 Ur biren artean
2016 Behi eroak
2016 Dioramak
2014 Haize kontra
2006 Dioramak


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