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Mikel Hernandez Abaitua

Gasteiz-Vitoria, 1959

A year after graduating in Basque Philology in 1982, he was appointed head of the department for Basque Language and Literature at a High School. In 1979, in collaboration with Josu Landa and Iñaki Uria, he founded the Susa journal.

He embarked on his literary career after winning the Donostia City Award in 1981. 1983 saw the publishing of his collection of stories entitled Panpinen erreinuaIspiluak, which can be regarded as forming part of the fantasy genre, came out in 1985. As far as his literary forms are concerned, we can regard the path he has taken in his publications as an experimental one.

He has also written literary reviews: the following newspapers, magazines and journals have been the direct witnesses of his reviews: Susa, Oh! Euzkadi, Jakin, Zeruko Argia, Egin, El Diario Vasco, Euskaldunon Egunkaria, Berria, Hegats and Egan.

His first novel, entitled Etorriko haiz nirekin? tells the story of two people linked to the armed organisation ETA.

After that he published another novel entitled Ohe bat ozeanoaren erdian, which is closely linked to the Basque Country's political situation. In it he echoes the work of the Irish writer James Joyce, when he develops similar forms by using the monologues of the famous novel Ulysses as the basis.


2016 Airearen isla
2016 Airearen isla
2011 Narrazio tailerra
2010 Azukre xehea gatz larria
2010 Azukre xehea gatz larria



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