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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Fernando Morillo Grande

Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa),1974.

Having had a passion for science ever since he was young, he started studying Physics but ended up doing Philosophy. Professionally, he has done all kinds of jobs.

He has won literary prizes: he was awarded the City of Donostia (San Sebastian) Prize in 1999 for his work Gudoste ametsak; he also won the City of Pasaia award, the Igartza Literature Bursary and the Gabriel Aresti prize, among others (see Awards section).

His novel Sexu egunsentiak dealing with relations between young people and his essay Erraldoi herrena were published in 2000. The essay focuses on the relationship between science and poetry. He has twice been the winner of the CAF-Elhuyar prize for science articles.

As far as his literary career is concerned, a good indication of this could be the review by Iratxe Gutierrez published in the newspaper El País. In her review of his novel Ortzadarra sutan she highlights the power of its dialogues.

2003 saw the publishing of his biography of Leonardo da Vinci by Elkar. Javier Rojo reviews this book of general interest in a critique that appeared in the newspaper El Correo.


2016 Ixtebe Pellot, azken kortsarioa
2016 Trumoi txakurraren negarra
2015 Kai, txakur bidaiaria
2015 Izar Malkoak
2014 El misterio del Camino de Santiago





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