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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Edorta Jimenez Ormaetxea

Mundaka (Bizkaia),1953.

He did teacher training and specialised in Basque Philology. He has had a variety of jobs: seaman, teacher, TV and cinema scriptwriter, translator and writer. He has also worked in journalism: he has written columns for the Egin, Gara and Egunkaria newspapers.

He was the scriptwriter for the Hau komeria! series of the EITB (the Basque Autonomous Community broadcasting corporation). Simultaneously, he gained experience mostly as a scriptwriter for the Farenhait, Beti eskamak kentzen and Babel programmes. He was involved in 95 episodes of creative work for the Goenkale soap opera.

As a film scriptwriter he wrote the scripts for a number of documentaries: he wrote the scripts not only for Atuna, Sagardoa, Patxarana, Patakon, Euskal Kortsarioak lanen gidoilari izateaz gainera, Itsaso guztiak, but also for the interviews and music sections for the underwater world project Itsaso guztiak.

Today he makes a living mostly out of literature. He has developed different literary genres: poetry, short stories, novels and articles. He had five books of poetry published under the pen name of Omar Nabarro (see bibliography section) early on in his career, but no longer writes verses.

Two things stand out in the short story field: his book Urdaibaiko ipuin eta kondairak and his receiving of the Gabriel Aresti prize for his collection of stories Atoiuntzia.

In recent times he has been producing historical novels and articles. Examples of this latest trend of his could be Baleen berbaroa and Kilkerren hotsak, among others.

In the field of travel writing his book Europako mugetan barrena is about a railway journey he did across Europe, and his book, Hemingway eta euskaldunak zerbitzu sekretuetan, is about the ins and outs of the Basque secret services on the pretext of the American writer's visit to Mundaka.


2015 El zorro y el le├│n
2011 Desira plazer 68-08 : euskal poesia erotikoaren antologia
2011 El a├▒o del tifus
2009 Desira plazer 68-08 : euskal poesia erotikoaren antologia
2009 El a├▒o del tifus


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