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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Aitor Arana Luzuriaga

Legazpi, 1963.

He completed his baccalaureate studies and started writing when he was seventeen. He worked as a Basque teacher with the AEK (organisation which runs Basque language and literacy courses for adults) in Legazpi (Gipuzkoa) for four years (1983-87) and later at the Basque language school run by the town council.

He began working for the Hots cultural magazine and ended up as its editor. He engaged in the same activities in the Xut literary journal.

He has also worked as a translator: in Basque, Spanish and Esperanto. He published Bernardo Atxaga's novel Behi baten memoriak into esperanto. Prior to that he published a handbook for learning esperanto, Esperantoa ikasgai. He has published Gay hiztegia in 2005, a dictionary about homosexual terminology in basque.

In addition to writing books for children, young people and adults he is involved in the lexicography and methodology of Basque dialects.


2018 Banpiroen hiria
2018 Bazen behin baso magiko bat
2018 Billinghurst gazteluaren kasu bitxia
2018 Glamat blefik bask├Ąno-volap├╝kik
2018 Isiltasun-harrapariak



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