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Writers in Schools programme

Writers in Schools programme: this programme enables authors to go from school to school to talk about their experiences and about a specific work. The students have read the work in question. During 2003 the EIE-Basque Writers’ Association offered 360 sessions as part of this programme.

Talking to Writers programme

Talking to Writers programme: this programme is open to cultural centres, cultural institutions and Basque language schools with the following aim: to encourage people to take up reading or to attract those who are already keen readers to the sphere of literature. The EIE-Basque Writers’ Association offers four different kinds of initiatives within this programme:

  • Irakurrieran, On the Bizkaia Irratia radio station on Saturdays and Sundays, from 13.00 to 13.30 hours (repeated on Mondays and Thursdays between 22.00 and 22.30 hours in the evening). Frequency: in Bilbo, 102.6 FM.

"Hegats" literary journal

This half-yearly Basque literary journal provides a broad, in-depth view of current literary activity:

"Kalegats" general magazine on literature

The aim of this half-yearly magazine is to provide news relating to literature, and to offer literature guides for the broad spectrum of Basque citizens.


Throughout the year the EIE-Basque Writers’ Association organises different conferences based on a monographic subject related to literature.


Geleusca is the yearly conference attended by Galician, Catalan and Basque writers. The three countries work on subjects that they all have common with each other.

School for Writers

In collaboration with the UNED (Open University) and the Asmoz Foundation of the Basque Studies Society, the EIE-Basque Writers’ Association organises a 300-hour, post-graduate course. The aim of the course is to develop writing skills, whether they are of a literary, administrative, legal, or general nature.

Travelling Exhibition

By means of this travelling exhibition under the name of “New 21st Century Writers” the EIE-Basque Writers’ Association aims to make young writers known through a description of their literary profiles.

"Liburuen xarma" collection

The collection, Liburuen xarma (The Charm of Books), is aimed at teachers and is full of recommendations and examples on how young people should read books. Each volume of the collection deals with a specific literary genre and is divided into levels according to age groups. The first two volumes of the collection are: Liburuen xarma 1: What can a student of mine do with a book? Liburuen xarma 2: Guide for approaching poetry.
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