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  • Each individual creator or writer may use it for a maximum of two weeks. This period can be extended if proper reasons are given.
  • The months of July and August are exclusive for members of Euskal Idazleen Elkartea - Basque Language Writers' Association.
  • The writer, insofar as he or she is a creator, can develop any literary genre (essay, drama, short story, poetry, novel, literature for children and teenagers, scriptwriting, translation, research or journalism).
  • Through an agreement the writer will acknowledge everything he or she has received by making a specific reference, in the piece of work produced at the house, to the help received. In addition, he or she will offer a lecture or talk with school students in mind; it will be given at the Town Hall, the Municipal Library or at the schools, insofar as he or she is able to do so in terms of his or her language of creation or one of the languages he or she masters.
  • The EIE will undertake to place one copy of the work produced during the writer’s stay at Hugoenea, the House for Writers, in the House itself and the other in the library.
  • Any creator who would like to use the House for Writers may send his or her request to the EIE or to Pasaia Town Council, enclosing an outline of his or her project or work of creation and a sample of the work he or she may already be engaged in.
  • As Hugoenea will be admitting writers of Little Used Languages, the samples will be accepted in little used languages. As works in the little used languages that are close to us can be reasonably well understood by Basque speakers, they will be accepted without any translation.
  • The exception is only when Basque speakers are unable to understand the little used language, as in the case of Breton or Frisian, in which case the project and sample will have to be submitted in either French, English, Spanish or Basque.
  • Being in possession of a preliminary contract with a publisher will be an advantage, but this is not an indispensable condition.
  • The protocol referring to the Situation of the House will complied with when entering and leaving in the presence of the writer him- or herself.
  • As specified above, while the writer is staying at the house, he or she will undertake to organise an event to be held at the local town hall, a school or centre for culture in order to inform the public about his or her work. Likewise, he or she will undertake to publicise his or her work in the local media.
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