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Lekua: Pasai Donibane

The EIE –Euskal Idazleen Elkartea–, the Association of Writers in the Basque Language, had long been reflecting on what form the House for Writers could have. The House for Writers, a refuge for writers. An agreement signed with the Town Council of Pasaia has recently enabled the EIE to turn the House for Writers project into reality.

Writers who write in Basque or in another little used language will be able to stay at the House for Writers. And as the EIE’s Chairman Fito Rodriguez says, “This is not a house that has been set up to provide accommodation for writers on the run for ideological reasons.” Houses of that kind exist all over the world, yet “there are no houses devoted to promoting creative work itself”.

This is what Hugoenea, the House for Writers will be: a house that will encourage the creation of literature in little used languages. The name has been chosen as a tribute to Victor Hugo, because it was he who said: “Writers have to work by writing, a good text does not come out of inspiration alone.” So Hugoenea will be a house where writers can work.

The resources for writing have been made available to the EIE and to writers by Pasaia Town Council: the house itself and the resources writers need for their work, like a computer, an Internet connection, a printer and paper, in addition to dictionaries and reference materials.

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