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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Xabier Galarreta

Xabier Galarreta Velázquez (Donostia-San Sebastián, 1961).


A sworn translator by profession, Xabier has been working in the world of technical translations for over 20 years.Technical translation is therefore his livelihood.Yet on the other hand, literature shall we say is a vital need for him, even when it is not his means of making a living.His first works were published in 1988 and since then, his work has developed, to a certain extent, rather outside the normal channels, but always within Basque literature.As “Marjinalia Bilduma”, he has published all his works online on the website that he himself manages: will find his bibliography and full works there.


Notable works:


Itsasoko Istorioak (Short stories, Erein, 1994)

Itsasargiko Misterioa (Short stories, Erein, 1996)

Gauak Gauari (Novel, Hiria, 2000)

Gaueko abentura (Novel, Hiria, 2000)

Trataktus Filosofikum Sakonis (Novel, Hiria, 2002)

Zenbaki Sorginduak (Short stories, Hiria, 2001)

Kosmogonia (Short stories, Hiria, 2001)

Bertso Askeak (Poetry, Hiria, 2002)

Argiak Ilunean (Short stories, Hiria, 2003)

Murruaz Bestaldean (Short stories, Hiria, 2004)

Poesia bere gordinean (Poetry, Marjinalia Bilduma, 2010)



2006 Cándido
2006 Garaipen oda
2006 Inozoak
2006 Luces en la obscuridad
2006 Más allá del muro



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