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From the Mountain to the World |


There you lie, my General,
here I am, my General,
present, my General!
Standing to attention, my General,
but there you lie, my General,
held down by the land you held down.
This soldier does not know what he lives for,
because he lived for you.
Why did you leave us?
Why did you abandon us
to a shaky future?
I pictured you easily,
you without the world,
but not the world without you.
With you limited time seemed
like concentrated eternity,
you gave blood back its warmth
you gave the spirit back its flesh
and God the awareness of his all-powerfulness
and man the unity of his birth and death.
The sun knocked on your window every morning:
rise, my General!
And when passing by your door every midday
it asked you for permission to proceed
and once when you ordered `Halt!'
the whole kingdom fell to its knees
before the national miracle.
When history had been put out of joint
you returned it to its ontological central position.
When past and future were unyoked,
you yoked them again into the Catholic skeleton of the present.
Birds will be born, elephants will die
skeletons will be resurrected, volcanoes will become extinct,
but your name will not be erased
neither from the memories of lives
nor from the sighs of the dead.
When you were buried
the earth opened up like a crocodile's mouth
surprised that it had to digest
a being of a material different from its own,
because you, the greatest of the great,
could not have the same terrestrial origin as us,
but must have been created by some ecstasy of nature
and that is in fact the greatest injustice
which you defeated with a seven-bladed sword:
you were not of this earth
yet you were swallowed up by it
you, the greatest of the great.
I was your soldier and I am now
because killing and murdering with you
were the front and the back of the same pleasure.
There will always be reptiles
intent on poisoning the flight of the eagles,
there will always be fangs
intent on biting even an innocent rainbow,
but the stars know that in your kingdom
they could calmly hang
without fear of falling anywhere.
You resurrected peace
from the death throes of the movement.
Under your rule bread was bread
and not a stone aimed at one's forehead,
streets were streets
and not paths to revolution for orphaned winds.
People say your breath exuded the smell of death,
that your peace was that of the cemetery,
but they do not know as I do
out of what abyss you raised the mother country.
When we men and beasts
went around indistinguishable,
you rose up and restored placeness
men here, pigs there,
souls over there, frogs further away,
everyone standing to attention,
yes, my General,
and thus confusion turned into precision
and the fucking situation into order.
`Let the tares and the wheat both grow together'
but he knew nothing of politics
and I know that
those you killed out of necessity
would otherwise have been killed by hunger
and those of us who live thanks to you
have seen stones in the milk
and milk in the foam thanks to you,
thanks to you, Napoxotefranson, who had
abundance on the right and releasement on the left.
Now trains come and go
along the lines opened up by your walking boots
trams go back and forth
in the catacombs dug out by your snouts,
chimneys belch smoke
towards the sky repositioned by your plumb.
All was done because of you
and nothing was done without you,
but your time is up
and so that the time of each of us is not up
lie there and take your well-earned leisure
you coffin of the past and chasm of the future
you butcher of hawks and shepherd of lizards
you wall of erosion and castle of fossilisation
you whirlwind of suffocation and alluvium of repugnance
lie there and stay there
saecula saeculorum, for ever and ever,
you General Generalum Generalship.

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