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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Miren Agur Meabe Plaza

Lekeitio (Bizkaia),1962

She went to Teacher Training College where she specialised in Social Sciences. She also holds a degree in Basque Philology. She worked as a teacher for a number of years at the Kirikiño Ikastola (Basque-medium school) in Bilbao. Since 1990 she has been working for the Giltza-Edebé publishing group as its publications manager.

In 1986 she had her narrative work Uneka... Gaba (Labayru) published. In 1990 she won a poetry prize awarded by the Town Council of Lasarte (Gipuzkoa). In addition, she has received other literature awards: the Imajina ezazu Euskadi Award for literature (1997) thanks to a book of poetry entitled Ohar orokorrak; in 2001 she won the Annual Critics Award for her book of poetry Azalaren kodea in which poems on love and sexuality can be sampled, and the 2002 Euskadi Award for her narrative work Itsaslabarreko etxea, a work written with young people in mind.

She has worked with all kinds of literary genres: the short story, poetry, opinion articles, translations, literature for children and young people. Some of her works have been translated to other languages.

In 2000 she coordinated the Gutiziak publication brought out by the Txalaparta publishing house: the book is a collection of the works of twenty Basque women writers.


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