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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Mikel Taberna Irazoki

Bera (Navarre), 1957.

After studying Biology at university he spent several years teaching Basque to adults and since 1990 has been working as a translator for the Government of Navarre. He has also presented extempore Basque verse-making performances and had the job of setting the themes that the poets have produce verses on.

He has contributed to a number of Basque media: the magazines (Ttipi Ttapa, and Nabarra, the newspaper supplement Nafarkaria, , and the radio stations Euskal Herria Irratia, Xorroxin Irratia,... He has also been a member of the team that runs the Korrok literary magazine.

In 1995 he won the Tene Mujika short story award for his work Bota xoxa! In 1996 the Provincial Government of Araba published his book of poetry Mendearen ilunabarrean after it had won the Ernestina de Champourcin award.

In 2000 he published Errege eguneko panpina which won him the City of Donostia (San Sebastian) award. The following year, 2001, he presented the book of eight short stories entitled Txokolatezko dinamita (Susa) which focus on love. Mikel Asurmendi writes in his presentation of the style of the book in his review in Irunero: "Perhaps a language we seldom hear from people that is elevated through literature. And how elevated it is!"


2006 Ibaiak nahi duen tokiraino
1996 Mendearen ilunabarrean
Txokolatezko dinamita
Errege eguneko panpina



Susa Txokolatezko dinamita | Txokolatezko dinamita


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