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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Laura Mintegi Lakarra

Lizarra (Navarre),1955.

After living in Venezuela for two years, she and her family moved to Bilbo where they lived until 1973. Since then she has been living in Algorta (Bizkaia).

She learnt Basque in Bilbo when she was 17. She graduated in Geography-History at the University of Deusto in 1978 and completed a PhD in Psychology at the University of the Basque Country (EHU-Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea) in 1999.

Shortly after starting to teach Basque and Philosophy at an Ikastola (Basque-medium school) in Portugalete (Bizkaia) she went to Nigeria for a year to act as pedagogical adviser to the Governor of Rivers State. Since 1981 she has been working at the EHU, lecturing in Basque Language and Literature. Since 1999 she has been the Head of the EHU's Didactics of Language and Literature Department.

She contributed to the magazine Anaitasuna until it folded and then she worked for the weekly magazine Argia for seven years. She also founded and ran the Ttu-ttua literary magazine in collaboration with Joanes Urkijo.

She has contributed to numerous magazines, newspapers and radio stations and has given talks on Basque culture and literature: she has contributed to the newspaper Egin, the magazines Argia and Ttu-Ttua, the journal Jakin and the radio stations Bizkaia Irratia, Euskadi Irratia and Euskal Herria Irratia, among others.

She had some short stories published in 1983 and four novels since then: her latest novel is Sisifo maite minez (2001).

Besides writing and teaching she has formed part of other groups like the Lankidetzarako Euskal Fondoa, the Basque Pen Club and Euskararen Unibertsoa.

She was appointed chairwoman of the Basque Pen Club in 2004.


1983 Ilusioaren ordaina | Erein
1983 Satorzuloa | in "Donostiako Hiria II". Haranburu-Altuna
1983 Paris edo | in "Bigarren Ipuin Lehiaketa". Santurtziko Udala
1985 Teresa | in "Aurten ere diferente izanen da". Susa
1986 La Topera | in "Antología de la narrativa vasca actual". Edicions del Mall



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