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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Karlos Santisteban Zimarro

Karrantza (Bizkaia),1960.

He taught Basque for a number of years after being appointed firstly by the Basque Council and the Association of Ikastolas (Basque-medium schools) of Araba for the Basquisation programme of school teachers and later at a number of Euskaltegis (Basque language schools for adults). In 1983 he worked for the town council of Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia) as a translator and a Basque language promoter. Since 1984 he has been working as a translator for the Provincial Government of Bizkaia.

From a very young age he began to contribute to Basque magazines and newspapers and his first book, a collection of poems entitled Hitzak, was published in 1983. Since then he has worked on different genres and has had many books published in the fields of story-telling, poetry and children's literature. In the last few years he has been deeply involved in children's literature production.

The writer himself runs his own personal web page where information on his career and works can be accessed.


1983 Hitzak | Haranburu Altuna
1983 Egun batez | Haranburu Altuna
1983 Izan bainitzen soldadu | Haranburu Altuna
1983 Amodioz eta gorrotoz | Haranburu Altuna
1983 Uda baten amodio zoroa | Haranburu Altuna



2001 | Ibaizabal



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