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The Lamias' Two Pots |

(Xaxi, Mother, and the three children, Petiri, Maddi and Jje, are in the kitchen one evening. Petiri is sweeping the floor, Maddi is drying the dishes, the youngest one, Jje, is on the floor playing with a toy tractor. There is a voice at the door.)

Xaxi: There's someone at the door. Petiri, go and see who it is, would you?

(Petiri quickly goes to open the door. Some lamias come in. Their names are Ekieder, Argia and Goizizar; Ekieder and Argia are each carrying a pot. Petiri and Maddi stand beside their mother, Jje stays put.)

Xaxi: Good Evening, my dears. And what brings you here?

Ekieder: Oh, we've just called in to say hello.

Argia: We don't see each other very often.

Xaxi: That's true, but at least we see each other when we go down to the lamias' cave to do the washing.

Goizizar: Yes, but there we all get on with our own washing and don't have time to chat.

Ekieder: We'd like to stop here for a bit, if you don't mind.

Argia: We can have a lovely time together.

Xaxi: We certainly can. You're not here very often.

Goizizar: Well, you know, our work keeps us very busy at home.

Xaxi: Yes, you've got a point there.

Ekieder: Oh, Jje! What a lovely toy you've got. What is it?

Jje: It's my tractor, for working.

(Jje makes the tractor move up and down)

Xaxi: Petiri, go and tell your father and uncle that we have visitors.

(exit Petiri)

Goizeder: What about your work?

Xaxi: We're not quite so busy now that we've finished the haymaking.

(enter Borttol, Uncle Laurentx and Petiri)

Ekieder: Sorry to take you away from your work.

Borttol: Don't worry about that! Our work will be there waiting for us later on. But you hardly ever come here. It's so nice to see you.

Xaxi: Let's sit down and have a chat.

(They all sit down. The lamias leave their pots on the table)

Argia: Look, we've brought these two pots with us. We'd like to give you a present.

Goizizar: You are such good neighbours to us. You do us so many favours!

Ekieder: So, I expect you were wondering what on earth these pots are doing here.

Xaxi: Yes, we were, rather.

Goizizar: One of these two pots is for you; you have to choose one.

Argia: Look! This one is full of money, full of euros; the other one is full of lard. You choose.

Borttol: Oh, my dear, we've chosen already: we'll take the one full of euros.

Xaxi: Yes, we will. There are lots of expenses in a farmer's house! Bringing up kids nowadays costs a lot, too.

Borttol: But granny isn't here. We should listen to her advice and see what she says. And it is only fair that we should do what the old lady wants.

Xaxi: Maddi, go and get granny and tell her we need her.

(exit Maddi and returns with granny)

Granny: Oh, what an honour it is! The lamias have come to see us today!

Borttol: Yes, and they've brought a wonderful present.

Ekieder: You are always so good to us. And we would like to express our gratitude to you.

Xaxi: So, mother, we have to choose one of these two pots.

Argia: One is full of euros, the other is full of lard.

Xaxi: We've chosen the first one, of course, but what do you say, Mother?

Granny:: I know we need the money and that we've suffered a lot, because we've had difficulty making ends meet. But if we have to eat, the lard is the most valuable thing. We use it every day. So I'm in no doubt. I'd prefer the pot of lard.

Borttol: If that is what you say, we'll take the pot of lard.

Xaxi: With your age and experience, Mother, you know what's best for everyone here.

Granny: Do as you please. But I know we need lard all through the year. So, I'd prefer the pot of lard.

Borttol: Right, we'll do what you want.

Xaxi: Oh, we haven't offered you anything. You'll have something, won't you?

Ekieder: No, no, don't worry. We've come on behalf of all your lamia neighbours. Take your pot and that will be fine.

(exeunt lamias, Borttol puts the pot away and they all leave).

Narrator: After the lamias left, everyone got on with their own business. Granny spent most of her time in the kitchen. She kept a careful eye on the food, and, of course, she used lard every day. One day she decided to try the lard brought by the lamias.

(exit narrator. Enter Granny and opens the pot; with a wooden spoon she scoops out some lard. But there isn't any lard but a thin layer of snow. She nearly faints and falls over backwards. The pot is brimming with shining, pure gold.)

Granny: But what am I seeing? Or am I dreaming?

(she shouts) (she picks up the gold)

Xaxi: Borttol! Please come here at once!

(enter Xaxi and Borttol and the three children)

Borttol: What's the matter dear? You're as white as a sheet!

Granny: Take a look for yourselves: look!

(Borttol bends over. He picks up a handful of gold and shows it to the rest in amazement)

Borttol: Good heavens! What riches! At last we'll be able to buy some tools to make our work easier, and also some cows and sheep.

Xaxi: Our work will be easier and the extra money will help us to live more comfortably.

Borttol: We will also use all this to bring you children up. But each one of us must not forget to keep a cool head. Remember we must go on working always.

Granny: I believe that is what our benefactor lamias want; I am very happy, too in my old age. Let us all sing a happy song.


Let's thank our lamia friends
and make amends.
Let old and young alike
rejoice from morn till night.

Three cheers for mum and dad
without forgetting gran.
Let's sing and dance
and share our laughs.

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