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Juan Ramon Makuso Mujika

Errenteria (Gipuzkoa), 1961.

He graduated in Philosophy at the Zorroaga Faculty of Philosophy of the EHU/UPV-University of the Basque Country in Donostia (San Sebastian). He currently teaches Philosophy at the Bidebieta High School (Donostia). He lives in Lezo (Gipuzkoa).

He sits on the committee responsible for organising the International Ontology Congress.

He has contributed to a variety of media. For example to Lau Haizetara, Errenteria's local magazine, as well as to late night radio programmes like Atlantida, Morfeoren ostatua and Ipurtargia, in which he deals with philosophical issues. These programmes are put out by the Euskadi Irratia Basque-language radio station (run by the public broadcasting corporation of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country).

In cooperation with many other authors, he had the book Pentsamenduaren erresistentzia published by the Besatari publishing house in 1998.

His book of poetry Bizitzeak hil egiten du was brought out by the publishers Ediciones Beta in 2004.

His second book of poetry Hiri gorazarre was published by the Elea publishing house in May, 2006. In his review of this work the writer Igor Estankona has the following to say: "It may be overdoing it to say that Juan Ramon Makuso's Hiri gorazarre is giving us a fresh view of poetry. It is not the first time that thought and poetry have been linked and put at the service of each other in such a way, or that we have been offered thought in the guise of poetry. But the fact is one rarely comes across books like Hiri gorazarre. Accustomed to strong images, the Basque reader may, to a certain extent, have forgotten the ways put forward by Makuso and the regular rhythm provided by his book."


2014 Hitzak argi
2011 Se lo dije a la noche
2009 Huntza hezur berritan
2009 Miserikordia etxea
2008 Oraina galdua : solasaldi platonikoa



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