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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Joxe Ertzinbengoa Otaegi

Orereta (Renteria, Gipuzkoa).

He is a graduate in Pedagogy and Psychology. He has done research into the Basque language and Basque issues: with other people he has adapted the Euskara Mailaka metodoa and the Txanpa metodoa, in other words a methodology for the Basque language (1972-1988).

In collaboration with Patxi Ezkiaga he has produced four volumes on Euskal Literaturaren Historia (16th-19th centuries). In the field of pedagogy, he published the book entitled Gaur in the 1970s: a reflection of new trends that were to take place in pedagogy at that time.

Later on he wrote books for students to encourage them to read and practice Basque at the same time: Hiru Erregeen Mahaia, Pontxe, Sorgintxuloko pikondoa, Otzaurteko ezkilak, Erbikumeak...

He obtained a Master's degree in Basque Culture from the University of Deusto in the 1990s.

With respect to prizes he won the Bizkaia Fine Arts Poetry Award twice in the 1980s. His book Hiru Erregeen Mahaia won him 2nd prize in the Bilintx awards.

He has had a number of articles printed in magazines: (Zeruko) Argia, Anaitasuna, Ihintza, Habe, Egan.

In the 1970s he translated books for small children for the Bruño publishing house.

He has done a variety of translations: Bizi nire aurrean, Maisu onaren hamabi bertuteak, San Joan Bautista La Sallekoaren Otoitz Gaiak, ...

Right now he is the coordinator of the Lita literary circle, of the De La Salle Writers' Group. He has been a teacher all his life and is a teacher of Basque by profession. For this reason he has attended the Linguistic Congresses which have taken place in Europe: in London, Paris, Barcelona, Helsinki, Amsterdam and Budapest.


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