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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Joxantonio Ormazabal Berasategi

Zegama (Gipuzkoa),1948-2010

He did teacher training and worked as a teacher for a number of years at the Ikastolas (Basque-medium schools) in the Gipuzkoan towns of Zarautz and Tolosa. Since 1981 he has been working for the Elkarlanean publishing house. With respect to his work on collections for children's and young people's literature, he gathers together works on the Basque Country's ancient traditions and does translations of foreign literature for children; in addition to this, he has been involved in adaptations of text books.

Despite starting to write later in life, Kaskarintzo (1983), Margolin (1983) and his version of Pernando Amezketarraren (1981) and Kittano stand out among his productive literary activities, which form a long list.

As far as his translations are concerned, he has translated over a hundred stories for children and young people; these include about 30 books featuring the character Teo.

At the same time he has participated directly in textbook writing for Ikastolas: the eight Zipristin language teaching books are examples of this.

In his book Haur literatura euskaraz (Labayru,1994), Seve Calleja says: "Joxan Ormazabal figures among those who have developed Basque children's literature. The work he has done firstly at an Ikastola and later on at a publishing house have provided him with a detailed knowledge of the whole book production process, starting from the moment an idea is conceived until the book is sold."


2015 Teo eta bere arreba
2015 Teo eta bere txakurra
2015 Teo Jolas-parkean
2015 Teo ur-parkean
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