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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Jon Mikel Arano Aramendi

Itsasondo (Gipuzkoa), 1961.

Jon Arano and Mikel Aramendi figure among the noms de plume he has tended to use when contributing to the magazines Argia, Kantillape, Goierritarra, Ostiela! and others.

He has been self-taught since completing only his basic secondary education. He became an avid reader and writer and at the age of 18 he had some poems published in the magazine Zeruko Argia.

In 1985, he published a small book of poems, Bileterik gabe, in the Susa series. After that, he did editing work for the Argia and Susa magazines, and in the A ze astelena! section of the newspaper Egin.

He contributed here and there and later, as an organiser of cultural activities, he founded the Kantillape magazine in his hometown.

He went on to found, in 1989, the Goierritarra, the magazine of the Goierri area of Gipuzkoa, and was its editor until 1995. In the meantime, he wrote the Malezia Sorta book of poems, and compiled the Hitz Etena (Eustakio Mendizabal "Txikiaren" Olerkiak), a book of poems by Eustakio Mendizabal aka Txikia, published by Susa.

Since then he has been contributing regularly to the magazines Argia, Aizu!, Habe, Zurgai, Ordiziako Urtekaria and Putz, as well as to the newspapers Egunkaria, Egin, DV-Diario Vasco,Berria and others; but his most important contribution was the founding of the Paperzaleak cultural association in 1995 and the magazine Ostiela.

He was commissioned by the EIE (Basque Writers' Association) to coordinate the Komatxo artean radio programme during its first two years. It was broadcast by the Herri Irratia radio station (in 1998/99); for a year he was a member of the discussion team on the Lauretan Babel programme broadcast by the Euskadi Irratia radio station; In 2002 he also brought out the first edition of the Pornolore magazine; in 2003, in collaboration with the Susa publishing house Koldo Izagirre published Jon Arano's little anthology of poems, one in the series of Notebooks of 20th Century Poetry; and in 2004 he gave up running Ostiela!

In 2005, he coordinated the Pirinioak writers' symposium and was awarded the 5th Joseba Jaka bursary for poetry. He was one of the founders of the Goierriko Kasta literary group and is responsible for some of its publications.

He has also contributed to and promoted, among other things, the book by Jexus Lete aka "Ibai-ertz" Orrela ziran gauzak (Auspoa series) and Ehortzi ezazue ene bihotza Wounded Kneen (Dee Brown, Txalaparta/ Ostiela) translated Joxe Luis Aramendi.

In 2004 and 2005, in conjunction with Municipal Culture Department of the town of Ordizia (Gipuzkoa), he organised the Ordiziako Euskal Letren Eguna and coordinated the publications that were produced for the occasion.


1985 Bileterik gabe | Susa
1991 Malezia sorta | Susa
1992 Hitz etena (Eustakio Mendizabalen olerkiak) | Susa
2002 Pornolore, Larrugintzako eskuliburua | Ostiela
2003 XX. Mendeko kaierak | Susa


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