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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Joan Mari Irigoien Aranberri

Altza (Gipuzkoa),1948.

He studied engineering but has never worked in that field. He has taught in Ikastolas (Basque-medium schools), has translated and adapted dozens of films for the ETB (Basque Autonomous Community broadcasting corporation). As a young man he went to Venezuela and before that was a member of the Sanse football team. After returning from Venezuela he worked as a corrector of the newspaper Egin. Today he devotes all his time to literature.

As a result of the trips he made to South America in his youth, he got to know the literature of Sábato, Garcia-Marquez, Benedetti or Vargas Llosa. But the writer who has influenced his work the most has been Juan Rulfo, who wrote the novel Pedro Páramo .

He won the Irun City prize in 1975 for his book of poems Hutsatik esperantzara. Koldo Izagirre has put his poetry in the era of post-Aresti existential-realist poetry writing. Although he has written short stories and literature for children and young people, novel-writing has been his most highly-prized creative work.

In his novels he expresses the existential concerns of the novel writer and at the same time portrays Basque society and its history. Oilarraren promesa was his first novel and won the Critics Award in 1976. In the novel he tells about the founding of a mythical country called Azpil back in 1830; the literary critic Marijose Olaziregi regardes it as a denunciation of Francoism. This was followed by his long and most sophisticated novels: Poliedroaren hostoak, Udazkenaren balkoitik... (see bibliographical section).

He won the Euskadi Silver Award in 2005 for his novel written for young people.



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