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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Jean Louis Davant

Urrüstoi (Zuberoa),1935.

He was born into a farming-shepherding family in Urrüstoi-Larrabile of the Pettar area of Zuberoa. His father was from there and his mother (Iratçabal) hailed from the village of Altzai in Basabürü.

He was educated in Urrüstoi, Maule and Uztaritze. He studied agricultural engineering in the city of Angers in the depths of France. He served in the French army in Algeria for 27 months. Afterwards, he taught agronomy at the Agricultural College in Hazparne. He married in 1961. His wife is from Lower Navarre and the couple have two daughters, Maddi and Xantiana.

He has been a politically active writer since 1975 contributing to the following magazines: Gazte, Herria, Enbata, Euskaldunak, Egia, Branka, Zehatz, Zabal, Herriz-Herri... He has written on the subjects of farming, economics, social issues, politics, history and culture. He was one of the founders of the Enbata and E.H.A.S movements.

In 1980 he began to write and produce poetry, mainly. As the representative of the dialect of Zuberoa he was made a full member of the Euskaltzaindia (Royal Academy of the Basque Language) in 1975. He gave his admission speech at the city hall of Maule in August 1976 on the Zuberoan Basque devotees Abadia and Xaho. He retired in 1995.



1967 L'economie basque | Cahier NNk 2 du movement Enbata
1970 Histoire de peuple basque | Goiztiri
1977 Histoire de peuple basque | Elkar
1977 Aberri eta klase burruka euskal mugimenduan | Elkar
1980 Makila gorria | Elkar



2009-05-23 Zuberoako literaturaren testigantza | Deia


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