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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Jasone Osoro Igartua

Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa),1971.

She holds a degree in Information Science and obtained a postgraduate qualification in cinema scriptwriting in Barcelona. She worked as a journalist for the Barren magazine of Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa) for five years.

She has worked on television as a presenter, reporter and scriptwriter: she has worked on the programmes Bai zera, Sorginen Laratza, Hasiberriak, Kuxkuxeroak and Goenkale.

She used to run the Asteon TV programme magazine. She has written columns for the media and has contributed to numerous magazines by writing short stories; her works appeared in the daily Euskaldunon Egunkaria, the magazines Aizu and HABE , the radio station Euskadi Irratia...

She has participated in three collections of short stories: Gutiziak(Txalaparta); Euskal idazleen ipuin erotikoak (Txalaparta); and finally, Bakarrizketak (Alberdania).

She received the Zazpi Kale prize at the Book Fair of Bilbo for her book Tentazioak.

In 1999 she came second in the competition for the Igartza bursary, which enabled her to write the collection of short stories and poems Korapiloak which won her the Silver Euskadi Award at the Book Fair of Donostia (San Sebastian). It starts off with a man kidnapping, raping and killing his girlfriend. The book consists of the woman's stories while she is being held hostage. Death, passions, love, hate and sex are the main elements that become interwoven in this story.

In a review in Euskaldunon Egunkaria Ana Urkiza wrote: "The titles of both the stories and the poems are short and cold; very appealing. Osoro tells us stories without deviations, which is the very style of the author herself." This is how Ana Urkiza sums up Osoro's writing.


Eskularru beltzak | 2017
1998 Isadora Duncan | Elkarlanean
1998 Tentazioak | Elkarlanean
2000 Euskal idazleen ipuin erotikoak (Talde Lana) | Txalaparta
2000 Gutiziak (Talde Lana) | Txalaparta



2003 Greta | Elkar



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