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Narrative (short story and novel)

From Catalepsy to Paradise |

From Catalepsy to Paradise

(a selected and abridged excerpt from a story)

Goizeder hung around the morgue refrigerator room, waiting for everyone else to leave. As soon as she saw she was not going to be disturbed by anyone around her, she took Oihan's cold, naked body out of the refrigerator and put it on a trolley. He was handsome, lean and slender. She saw tranquillity, a smile and peace in his large eyes.

She remembered Oihan's words during his final moments: "It's so sad having to die like this.!" "Dying without having sampled love with my Sweetheart. because I really love her." Her stomach lurched and her heart began to beat hard as she remembered those words. Oihan's words were sincere. And she, too, loved the boy, but until that moment she had kept her love rather under wraps. She realised at that very moment how much she loved Oihan.

She gazed into his face again and noticed traces of life in his eyes. That smile of his, that expression on his face. belonged to someone who was alive. He looked as if he was dead, but the flame of life was still there, deep down inside. She had heard about this phenomenon called catalepsy that describes a state in which people sometimes appear to be dead and their bodily functions seem to go to sleep, but they come back to life after a while.

Goizeder fell prey to tremendous confusion in that whirlwind of feelings and emotions. She did not want to dispatch Oihan to the next world without giving him the chance to sample delicious love, and after hearing his last wishes was even more reluctant to do so. Her feminine instinct, on the other hand, told her deep down that it was not too late yet, that true declarations of love did not disappear down a black hole and that they reached the person they were addressed to. And driven by that blind, inner hope Goizeder placed her hot mouth on Oihan's cool lips and felt the flame of love surging from one end to the other of her body. Totally disregarding embarrassment, conventionalities and rules she removed her clothes in front of Oihan's beautiful body. The boy would not depart this life without smelling the sweet fragrance of love.

Sweetly, gradually and unhurriedly she began to caress his whole body. She took her friend's stiff arms and held them against her soft, white, trembling bosom. She felt Oihan's hands growing warmer on her breasts and seemed to see a hidden smile appearing on his lips while he was on that mysterious bridge between life and death.

-I won't abandon you, Oihan. I'll give you love and warmth, so that you can have a good journey, if that is the way you want it. -she murmured into her lover's ear.

Then she sat on the boy's pelvis and hips and leaning forward slightly she rubbed his floppy penis and wrinkled testicles up and down with her sticky, hot smooth vagina. As she caressed the boy's face and squeezed her breasts with his hands, she felt a pleasant tingle right to the depths of her being. As Goizeder caressed, fondled and moved her body, she felt Oihan's penis little by little beginning to harden and rise in the depths of the fount of femininity and she noticed that his eyes were also moving and flickering slightly.


Oihan meanwhile was in the land of the blessed. His Sweetheart dressed in white was leading him by the hand to the most beautiful paradise. There he saw amazing, exotic fruit, brightly-coloured songbirds, clear, bubbling streams, wonderful heavenly melodies and felt an indescribably sweet warmth.

-Sweetheart, are the two of us in Paradise? Isn't this just another dream? -Oihan asked her in that wonderful land without words.

-Oihan, don't you realise how much I love you? Wake up, boy, and see my pure love with your own eyes and feel it with your own body -replied his Sweetheart in the voiceless language of love.

The boy wanted to open his eyes, but so deep was his bliss that he felt a hint of worry close to his heart and wanted to continue in that ecstasy for a long time. But his Sweetheart's appeals became increasingly more urgent:

-Oihan, don't be silly, can't you see that I love you, that I need you. Do you have to leave me like that.? One moment you will tell me you love me, and then. such a charmer.

Despite an overwhelming sluggishness all over his body, Oihan gathered his strength, directed his thoughts and love towards his Sweetheart and made a superhuman effort to listen to the voice that was pleading with him.

After what could have been a long time or an instant on the brink of doubt, that initial white light now seemed to him to be turning bluish. What had resembled an exotic paradise and a garden was now turning into a beech grove.

His world of senses that had seemed so calm until that moment was beginning to wake up, as he felt a warm, tickling sensation all over his body.


All of a sudden he shook his head and realised he was back in the land of the living. And when he saw himself naked and joined to his Sweetheart, he became embarrassed; driven by a self-defence mechanism he started on a dialectical attack:

-What on earth are you doing like that here with me.

-Where have you been all this time, you idiot? Dreaming.? I couldn't get you to wake up. You boys are all the same. This is all you want. You have one-track minds.

-OK, OK. That'll do. Look, I don't know what I'm doing here. It isn't my fault.

-Of course, it isn't. You were about to depart this world. If it hadn't been for me, you would have left it for good, most likely.

-Look, look. explain yourself better.

-Oh you silly-billy, how am I supposed to explain the strange, mysterious trip you've been on. You're the one who's got some explaining to do. But you can tell me all about that some other time. Now taste my tits, you've been dying to for ages -and as she spoke, she took Oihan's head and lovingly moved it to her nipples while he sucked them as if they were the sweetest food on earth.

Thereafter the heat of love made them forget the dizziness of embarrassment and the coldness of the place. The two young people slowly and pleasantly searched for each other's high points of pleasure and happiness, and time, once again, stopped for both of them. The language of love is calm, even if it appears to be full of fire and urgency.

As their hunger for sex became sated, the fire of their love also calmed down, despite their rapid breathing and fast beating hearts.

-I love you, Oihan.

-I love you, too, Sweetheart!

-But I'll tell you some other time why I love you so much.

-And why not now?

-Because we're in a hospital, because you have no clothes, because of the state I'm in and because we've got to get out of here without anyone noticing.

His Sweetheart's idea was that the two of them should make their getaway covered in a white sheet. Even though they would hear shouts and screams, they would have to run until they got out and found somewhere safe to hide. And that is exactly what they did: the two of them hid under a single sheet that covered their heads down to their knees more or less. And they went out of the morgue refrigerator room into the corridor intending to escape. No sooner had they emerged than that double ghost or phantom bumped straight into a nurse, whose screams are still said to be heard as far away as Amara ( ). The poor nurse flew down the corridor to the nurse's station, where she had to be given a tranquilliser, if she was to have any hope of recovering from the shock.

Oihan and his Sweetheart took advantage of the chaos to leave very quickly. As they went outside they could see the first light of dawn and reddish flocks of sheep painted in the sky, although the blanket of darkness had not disappeared completely. Oihan and Goizeder used the darkness to escape from the hospital environs; the people who saw them running away were stunned and petrified by the distorted ghost flashing past, and their eyes came out on stalks.

Oihan and his Sweetheart have not found out whether the boy's name has been deleted from the list of dead. But they are blissfully happy.

( ) A neighbourhood of San Sebastian quite close to the hospital.


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