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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Felipe Juaristi Galdos > Extracts




Night is deep, like a nervous animal.
It appears then disappears,
Shows itself then hides; hard of skin,
it spreads the smell of sea between sky and hearth.
Light also has its hiding places
in the follage of night.
Light and shade chase each other,
Need each other.
They meet only for an instant,
In a colour at once bright and fugitive,
Intense and ephemeral,
Crated by the conjunction of light and shadow.


The eye needs light to play,
To draw images then erase them.
and lights needs darkness
to create warm phantoms of fog and then leave them,
abandoned, along the breadth of the sea.
The sea accepts it alll,
darkness and light,
night and day,
hate and love,
fish and also birds.
The sea does not demand too much:
like a woman, it always waits
for those who get lost on the waym
always trusting that they
in their hands a strand of hope.


The nigth does not hurt.
Moon, ligthouse for sailors,
Like a lie, sits on high
Over men and womwn who imitate shadows.
Water has fallen on the ground,
Flows with violence,
Shouts between lights and shadows.


Ponts of light, ponts of flight.
A thousand eyes of glass staring at eternity:
The eternal heart of stone.


Hight towers, thin fingers of earth extended skywards.
Stones with an inner life, yearning for on-high.

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