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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Emilio Lopez Adan

Gasteiz (Vitoria), 1946

He studied to be a doctor and completed the course of studies specialising in gynaecology-obstetrics. Under the pseudonym "Beltza" he has written about his historical research into Basque nationalism, without neglecting his literary work.

During the Franco dictatorship he was a member of ETA between 1963 and 1974. After going into exile from 1968 onwards, he collaborated with the "Gatazka" group from 1969 onwards. In 1970 he signed the manifesto "Euskadi eta Askatasuna" (The Basque Country and its Freedom).

As far as his writings are concerned, they mainly have their roots in the history of Basque nationalism: El Nacionalismo Vasco (1876-1936), (1974); El Nacionalismo Vasco y Clases Sociales, (1976) (a work which received an award at the book fairs of Donostia and Durango); El Nacionalismo Vasco en el exilio (1936-l960), (1977) and Del Carlismo al Nacionalismo burgués (1978).

In the field of literature, on the other hand, mention should be made, among others, of Bortu gordetan lainope (1982) and , the collection of stories he wrote in 1984.

He contributed on a regular basis to Seiko urrea section in the newspaper Euskaldunon Egunkaria, and has contributed to the Azkena section in the Argia weekly magazine and to the Goizean behin discussion programme on Euskadi Irratia (the radio station of the Basque Autonomous Community's broadcasting corporation).


2011 El nacionalismo vasco en el exilio
2008 Nacionalismo vasco en el exilio
1998 Terrorismoa eta biolentzia iraultzailea
1984 Zazpigarren Alava
1982 Bortu gordetan lainope



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