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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Asel Luzarraga Zarrabeitia

Bilbo, 1971

He has a diploma in Business Studies and a degree in Basque Philology. He is a teacher by profession. He is a member of the Punkamine band and lives in Chile.

With respect to literature, he started writing his first pieces at the age of six and told everyone around him that he was going to be a writer when he grew up. Apparently he was an unusual child. At that time, however, he spoke Spanish, because it was not until he was 19 that he embarked on the process to become fully Basque speaking.

When he was at university he started writing poems to escape the tedium of the classes, even though he has largely given up poetry now.

He has won awards here and there and has had articles and stories published. The publishing of Hamaika ispilu ganbil and his obtaining the 6th Igartza bursary the same year have encouraged him to take writing seriously.

The fruit of that Igartza bursary was his novel Karonte, published by the Elkar publishing house. It is an adventure novel that develops the cinema and comic genres.

His novel Mozorroaren xarma was published by Erein in 2007. In it he develops the surrealist side and the aspect that is closer to caricature.


2003 Hamaika ispilu ganbil | Labayru
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2007 Mozorroaren xarma | Erein
2008 Abaraska | Txalaparta



2003 Many Convex Mirrors | Labayru
2005 | Elkar
2007 | Erein
2008 | Txalaparta
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