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Essay (literary and non-literary)

1969 | Anaitasuna

Back to Work

ANAITASUNA has returned to be among us once again. It has been silent for a while, a pointless period of silence, a fruitless period of silence lost in the sad abyss of eternal nothingness in this world.

Luckily, we are not going to keep silent; we are forging ahead. And armed with the strength of youth, we are going to appear on the streets, on the farms and in the towns in the Basque CountryÓ

We want to get involved with people, wake people up, open people's hearts and be like salt when it smarts; we want to spark off provocative ideas in people's heads, and create a rumpus like the watchdog at the gate. We would like to listen to ordinary citizens, listen to them with respect to find out what their fears are and take notice of the wishes they have had rejected and thus fill this magazine of ours with thousands upon thousands of subjects gathered in this country.

Through this magazine we would like, more than anything else, to be in very close contact with Basque literacy groups. The magazine will also bear in mind the fact that most of us Basque speakers are unable to read in our language, and it will resume the work it began before. In other words, we would like to be in close, continual contact with Basque literacy groups in an ongoing relationship together with them.

In a same way, we want to forge links with the Ikastolas (Basque-medium schools) or with the parents and relatives of the children who attend them. To achieve this we are keen, together with the children and their teachers, to forge links with the people in contact with these children; we will help them and they, in turn, will contribute to this magazine that belongs to everyone.

We could say the same thing with respect to all mediums of culture. As it is up to us at the end of the day whether the unity of the Basque language lives or dies, we would like to take whatever steps are within our power in the most appropriate way possible.

To achieve this, the first thing we have to do is to try and unify the Biscayan dialect. It is obvious that what we do will not be to everyone's liking, nor will it be the best in the world, either; but we will strive to achieve this as scientifically as possible, just has we have until now. Moreover, this unification of Biscayan will be conducted taking the unification of the whole of the Basque language into consideration at all times.

We have put our shoulders to the wheel but with tremendous hope and satisfaction. We will sincerely bless hard-working people and equally we will curse lazy people, although with all due respect.

Last spring there was abundant life-giving rain; now the meadows are full of rich grass. Many reapers are needed and well-trained ones, too,Ó waste no time, for this is the most appropriate moment, and we have to take advantage of it intelligently and in an even better spirit.

(The magazine Anaitasuna remained closed for a while and when we undertook to publish it again, this was the editorial we wrote on September 15, 1969.)
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