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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

Ana Urkiza Ibaibarriaga

Ondarroa (Bizkaia), 1969.

She studied Journalism and Linguistics and is an expert in Business Communication. For many years she was responsible for the Danobat Group's communications and today she is a lecturer at the University of Deusto.

She contributes to many of the media including the newspapers Berria and Deia. In the past she has written not only for the Karmel, Arranondo, Algacena and Ondarroa magazines but also for the daily Euskaldunon Egunkaria.

In the meantime, the genres she has developed are the short story, poetry and literature for Children and Young People.

In 1992 she won the Tene Mujika short story prize for her work Uztaileko euritan. 2000 saw the publishing of her first book, Desira izoztuak(Elkarlanean). In the author's words: "the main character's reflections coincide with my own and they are made from the world of the woman."

In 2000 one of her short stories was published in the Gutiziak (Txalaparta) collection. In the field of poetry her first book was published in 2001 under the title i>Gela ilunetik; the main theme is a journey made from darkness to light.

September 2005 saw the publishing of her latest book, Bekatuak (Elkarlanean). In 2006 she published Nire herriak ostadarraren koloreak ditu (Elkar), Nire hiriko poemak (Pamiela) and Zortzi unibertso, zortzi idazle (Alberdania).


1998 Afrikako ahozko literatura, memoria kolektibotik kritika sozialera | Egan
2000 Desira izoztuak | Elkar
2000 Gela ilunetik | Hiria
2000 Gutiziak | (beste egileekin) Txalaparta
2001 Atzorako geratzen dena | Alberdania



2011 | Alberdania
2000 | Elkarlanean


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