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Euskal Idazleen Elkartea

A brief history of Basque literature

Around 1957 the Basque Country was undergoing changes in industry, population, ideology and lifestyle. In socio-cultural life a young generation with a nonconformist, innovative style emerged. Both this young generation and the following one tried to adapt to the advances of modern society.

Within this movement literature also began to renew its moulds: accepting literary trends from outside, playing down the importance that had hitherto been attached to political, religious and folkloric ideals, etc.

At that time literature developed a concern for the existence of the human being and society as well as for the internal structure of literary works. There was also much concern for the model of the Basque language. Faced with those who defended a clean, uncontaminated Basque, they started to use the traditional lexis and to integrate foreign borrowings. In 1968, thanks to the tremendous work of writers, at the assembly of the Euskaltzaindia (Academy of the Basque Language) held in Arantzazu (Gipuzkoa), the foundations for unified or standard Basque were established.

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