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A brief history of Basque literature

In this period Basque literature was enveloped in silence. The strict censorship and the appalling situation suffered by the people as a result of the war was endured in silence in the South, and the homesickness felt by those who had gone into exile was the predominant theme in the works that gradually saw the light. That time saw two main literary genres: poetry and narrative writing.


The first works of literature to be published came from Mexico, Guatemala and the Northern Basque Country: two authors of note at that time were T. Monzon and J. Zaitegi.

Narrative Writing:

The situation of and homesickness for the Basque Country are the main themes in the narrative writing. Short stories continued the way paved by the Basque novel in the early stages; in other words, the model of the "costumbrista" novel with folkloric, romantic, idealist, Christian themes and love for the Basque language.

It reflects the Basque Country which is God’s earth: people wrote to protect the homeland, the Basque language and the Basque character. All these values are preserved in the union of the family and in the farming atmosphere.

These novels have a simple structure, rounded chapters and a linear organisation. Two authors stand out in the novel writing of that time: J. A. Irazusta and J. Eizagirre.

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